Search Results Locked in KnowItAll After Installation


I just installed KnowItAll from a download and I should have access to one or more Spectral Library collections.   However, my search results are locked.  Why is this happening?


A firewall or other network security measure may be preventing KnowItAll from connecting with the database servers. Downloading the databases should allow you to access the databases.
The database collections are available for manual download here:

If an internet connection is present, KnowItAll will automatically download and update the databases when your system is idle. This can take a day or two. Manually downloading the databases is optional, but faster.

Download the relevant Spectral Library collections and place the *.zip files on your desktop. KnowItAll will create the following folders: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Bio-Rad Laboratories\KnowItAll\Databases. Unzip the *.zip files and place the unzipped spectral technique folders in the Databases folder.