Wiley在其KnowItAll 红外和拉曼库中添加了额外的刑侦禁毒数据

June 27, 2023 — Wiley, a knowledge company and global leader in research, publishing and knowledge solutions, today announced the addition of 374 spectra of drugs of abuse to the KnowItAll® IR & Raman collections. Notable additions include new psychoactive substances (NPS), such as synthetic cannabinoids, cannabinoid derivatives, nitazenes, benzodiazepines, and various fentanyl analogs.

“Adding these chemical signatures to the Sadtler ™ Controlled and Prescription Drugs databases is an important way for us to help forensics labs to keep up with emerging drugs of abuse,” said Graeme Whitley, Director, New Business Development at Wiley. “Forensic labs can update their database collections automatically using KnowItAll Analytical Edition software.”

Below is a Summary of Recent Updates

Collection/Database Updates Made
KnowItAll® IR Spectral Library Collection 226 new spectral records added to the ATR-IR – Sadtler™ Controlled & Prescription Drugs 4 database
KnowItAll® Raman Spectral Library Collection 148 new spectral records to the Raman – Sadtler™ Controlled & Prescription Drugs 3 database

Sadtler™ standard spectra databases are available exclusively through KnowItAll subscriptions.

Consistently evolving to increase coverage for meeting today’s research demands, Wiley’s spectral libraries cover a wide range of applications including polymer/materials, environmental, forensics/toxicology, pharmaceutical, biotech, automotive/aerospace, food/cosmetics, and more. These databases are critical to analytical laboratory workflows for the interpretation, identification, verification, and classification of spectra.

Learn more about all of our spectral data collections at Wiley Science Solutions: http://www.paastech.com/KnowItAllMS


Current KnowItAll Database Subscribers: How to Update to the Latest Version
If your KnowItAll Spectral Library subscription license is active, you can always access the most recent data available in your licensed subscription. Ensure that you update your databases manually if you are not set up to automatically do so to take full advantage of your subscription. Learn how to update databases here.

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