Activating License Offline for KnowItAll



How do I activate my license offline for KnowItAll?



To activate KnowItAll license offline, with a second computer, please follow these steps:

  1. Start KnowItAll and the License Verification dialog will appear.
  2. Enter the name, email address, and license verification for the license and Click Done.
  3. In the KnowItAll Activator Activation Method dialog, select "No" unless you would prefer to use a smart phone. (NOTE:  Selecting "No" will allow you to activate using a file transfer and a second computer with an internet connection.)
  4. A second KnowItAll Activator Activation Method dialog will now appear. Click Save Activation Request File (Step 1) and save the file (*.req) to a USB drive. You can use the metal-jacketed installation USB if received one. Do NOT close KnowItAll.
  5. Move the USB drive containing the *.req file to a computer with an internet connection.
  6. Save the *.req file to the computer with the internet connection.
  7. . Visit (Step 2 in the KnowItAll Activator Activation Method dialog) and upload the *.req request file from step 4 to the Activator website.
  8. Download the response file (*.res) from the Activator website.
  9. Move the *.res file to the USB you used to store the *.req file. (NOTE: You no longer need the *.req file.)
  10. Connect the USB containing the *.res file to the computer where KnowItAll is installed.
  11. In KnowItAll, click the Open Activation Response File button (Step 3 in the KnowItAll Activator Activation Method dialog) and select the *.res response file that you downloaded in step 8. KnowItAll should finish opening.