Creating a New Report Template in KnowItAll


 How do I create a new report template in KnowItAll?


Please follow the steps below on creating a new report template in KnowItAll:

  1. Navigate to the KnowItAll application that you would like create the reports from. Each application has its own array of templates. For example, to create a report template for search results, start in the MineIt application. Select File > Edit Report Templates.
  2. Click either the New button or select an existing template and click Edit. I prefer to take an existing template and modify it, because I think it takes a little less time. The only danger is that if you don't remember to save your edits with a different file name for the new template, then you have saved over the original template.
  3. Add or remove objects from the template. I prefer to use the Spectrum Page (WYSIWYG) object for displaying a spectrum in my templates because it carries over more information from your view in MineIt. WYSIWYG = what you see is what you get. When you are satisfied with the list of objects, click OK to see the template in ReportIt.
  4. Arrange the objects in ReportIt. When the changes are complete, click the MineIt and Save button in the transfer bar in the upper left. See MineIt Database and Save, below. This takes you to a Save As dialog for the new report template. If you chose to edit an existing template, this is where you would change the name. Click Save. The new template should now be in the list of templates for the MineIt application.

    If you would like to add more objects, save the template and then re-select it for editing.

    You can point KnowItAll to report templates in other locations by going to File > Edit Report Templates > Add.