Installing Individual Licensed Database(s) for KnowItAll



How do I install my individually licensed database(s) for KnowItAll?





To install your individual licensed database(s) for KnowItAll, please follow the steps below:

  1. Review the system recommendations at
  2. Plug the Installation USB into your computer. From the USB, open the KnowItAll Installation folder, double-click KnowItAllInstall.exe and follow the instructions. If you did not order a USB, download the software from
  3. Start the KnowItAll/ID Expert software and follow the instructions to activate your license. The License Verification Code can be found on the back of the KnowItAll packaging or in the delivery email for download orders.
  4. From the Installation USB, open the Individually Licensed Databases folder and copy the files for the spectral database(s) you purchased to your computer.