"Could Not Decompress Server Response" Message in KnowItAll


Why did I receive the message "Could Not Decompress Server Response" when activating my KnowItAll or Spectral Library License?


KnowItAll displays this message when a firewall or other protection may be blocking KnowItAll from receiving a response from the licensing server. If you would like to have your IT team allow the connection, KnowItAll connects with https://kiarasql.knowitall.com/ for licensing.

It is also possible to work around the connection problem with a file exchange.

To activate KnowItAll offline, please follow the steps below:

  1. Disconnect the computer, with KnowItAll installed on it, from the internet. This will allow the offline licensing dialogs to appear.
  2. Launch KnowItAll and the License Verification dialog will appear.
  3. Enter the name, email address, and license verification code, and click "Done".
  4. In the KnowItAll Activator Activation Method dialog, select "No" unless you would prefer to use a smart phone. Selecting "No" will allow you to activate using a file transfer.
  5. A second KnowItAll Activator Activation Method dialog will appear. Click "Save Activation Request File" (Step 1) and save the file (*.req) to a USB pen drive or other portable media.
  6. Reconnect the computer to the internet.
  7. Visit http://activator.knowitall.com/ (Step 2 in the KnowItAll Activator Activation Method dialog) and upload the *.req request file from Step 5 to the Activator website.
  8. Download the response file (*.res) from the Activator website.
  9. In KnowItAll, click the Open Activation Response File button (Step 3 in the KnowItAll Activator Activation Method dialog) and select the *.res response file that you downloaded in step 8. KnowItAll should finish opening.