Error Message after Updating KnowItAll Database



I am receiving the following error message, after updating the database:  “The spectral information block in the database ATR - IR - Sadtler Controlled & Drugs 3...could not be read."  How do I resolve this issue?


During the most recent KnowItAll database update, some of the files did not sync properly across the cloud network. This caused an error for users who recently updated their databases. You may need to use Task Manager to close KnowItAll after seeing the error. The error will display for each affected database. Replacing your database files from will revert KnowItAll to the previous databases until the most recent files can update properly. We are currently working on an update to resolve this issue and expect it to be ready by Friday, February 17th.  Until then, if you see the message that says the databases are ready to be updated, please say no.