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加速质谱和红外光谱分析的新工具 - KnowItAll 2023

HOBOKEN, N.J. – 2022年9月28日 — 全球研究和教育领域的领导者Wiley今天宣布发布KnowItAll 2023软件。软件升级与Wiley不断努力扩展KnowItAll的能力相一致,目前包括一个非靶向质谱分析专家工具,可以显著缩短分析时间,一个分析合成大麻素气相红外光谱的专利解决方案,等等。


KnowItAll 2023 显著改进并自动化了其质谱处理和分析工作流,并为其已经令人印象深刻的光谱功能添加了新的分类算法:

新的MS Expert将快速、灵活的解卷积和参考数据库搜索结合到一个单一的自动化工作流中,以识别组件,从而节省用户时间。该系统自动化TIC导入和处理,以进行非目标分析。


Wiley Science Solutions产品总监Graeme Whitley表示:“KnowItAll为光谱学和光谱分析提供了节省时间的专家自动化。该软件利用光谱数据、算法和机器学习,从而为数据处理和分析完成繁重的工作,使用户能够深入进行详细分析或继续执行下一项任务。每个版本都为我们的客户增加了价值和创新,以加快他们的工作流程。”




KnowItAll ProcessIt应用程序中用于手动GC-MS分析的改进界面

支持将色谱图(除IR和Raman外)与QC Expert选定的参考文件进行比较

有关Wiley的KnowItAll软件和频谱库的更多信息,请访问 http://www.paastech.com/specana.

MS Spectral Deconvolution IR Synthetic Cannabinoids

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New tools accelerate MS and IR spectral analysis

HOBOKEN, N.J. – September 28, 2022 — Wiley, a global leader in research and education, today announced the KnowItAll 2023 software release. The software upgrade aligns with Wiley's ongoing effort to expand KnowItAll's capabilities, which now include an expert tool for non-targeted mass spectrometry analysis that can significantly reduce analysis time, a patented solution to analyze vapor phase IR spectra of synthetic cannabinoids, and more.

Wiley's KnowItAll software, combined with the world's largest collection of spectral reference databases, provides one of the most advanced platforms for spectral analysis, along with integrated solutions for data management, processing, chemical structure drawing, and scientific communication.

KnowItAll 2023 significantly improves and automates its mass spectrometry processing and analysis workflows and adds a new classification algorithm to its already impressive spectroscopy capabilities:

  • The new MS Expert can save users time by combining fast, flexible deconvolution with reference database search into a single, automated workflow to identify components. This system automates TIC import and processing for non-targeted analyses.
  • The new AnalyzeIt Vapor Phase IR uses a patented technology to classify synthetic cannabinoids by examining the distinct bridge carbonyl band patterns synthetic cannabinoids exhibit.

“KnowItAll provides time-saving expert automations for spectroscopy and spectrometry. The software leverages spectral data, algorithms, and machine learning, so that it does the heavy lifting for data processing and analysis, allowing users to be able to dive into the detailed analysis or to move on to the next task,” said Graeme Whitley, Product Director of Wiley Science Solutions. “Each release adds value and innovation for our customers to accelerate their workflows.”

Other highlights in this release include:

  • Improved property field filtering, more accessibility features, SDF file preview, and display options
  • Expanded and improved file support for Agilent, JEOL, PerkinElmer, Shimadzu, Thermo, Waters, and other data file formats
  • Improved interface for manual GC-MS Analysis in the KnowItAll ProcessIt application
  • Supported comparison of chromatograms (in addition to IR and Raman) to a selected reference file with QC Expert

Learn more about Wiley's KnowItAll Software and Spectral Libraries at https://sciencesolutions.wiley.com.

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